How Our Sweets Are Made

Al Bohsali Sweets still uses traditional handmade craftmanship in the making of their sweets.

Al Bohsali sweets are made from the world’s finest nuts and highest quality ingredients.
Al Bohsali Sweets continually strives to use the finest pistachios, pine nuts, walnuts, and cashews in their recipes.
In keeping with our heritage, our sweets are made with the highest quality butter and ghee.

Appreciating Fine Baklava

Fine Baklava has several characteristics: It is always fresh, contains high quality ingredients like premium nuts such as pistachios, walnuts, pine kernels, and cashews, and smells the freshness of butter and ghee. Its taste is not all about sweetness. You should be able to taste single ingredients in a single bite.

Look – Baklava is mainly made from thirty some layers of very thin flattened flour dough. The delicate form and textures of a small piece of fine Baklava reflect high quality craftsmanship.

Smell – Savoring the Baklava begins when you sense the natural aroma of butter and nuts, a smell free of artificial flavors and preservatives that is smooth to your senses.

Taste – Freshly made fine Baklava has sharp yet refined flavors and shades of textures. When tasting a piece of Baklava, let it chew slowly and gradually to distinguish the different textures and flavors of the different ingredients. It should leave a pleasant aftertaste that keeps you asking for more.


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Dear Customers, we're Glad to Let you know that where ever you are on the globe we will be pleased to deliver right at your door the sweets of your choice, freshly baked, packed and sent to you.

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